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What this site is all about

Everywhere on Facebook you see the most beautiful of beautiful Tattoos. There are countless Fan-Sites that provide us with awesome artwork and make ones day a better one. They make our day!

We recognized that, even on Tattoo Fan-Sites which show good art, that some tattoos get mocked without any reason. Our Fan-Site shows really crazy and/or messed up tattoos. Not all of them are a total crap - some are just really insane, but funny. What we\'d like to show is that there\'s always a possibility to make things even worse and that getting a tattoo and to find a good artist/tattoo-studio should be considered seriously.

For all \'newbies\' and also the \'the old hands\' - Don\'t be a penny-pincher!!!

What this site should NOT be

We don\'t want to embarrass, offend or pillory any human being (Please remember this!!!) behind the tattoo. It\'s not our intention to intensify any problems or to harm any unsuspecting souls. We kindly ask NOT to expose the tattooist, point with your fingers at somebody or name any person, tattoo-studio or local circumstances. Please blur faces on photos if you can.

What we definitely won\'t accept are racism, sexism, prejudices, nationalism and going on the vulnerable people like addicts, homeless people, disabled/handicapped human beings and so on. If you find any postings or comments like these on this Fan-Site, please read the next topic. Handle and write with care and be kind to one and each other!

What we can do for you

We always have an open ear for you! You can send us messages via this Fan-Site, if someones feelings are amplified or the publication is unwanted. Please give us the chance to think about any problems by naming the reason including the link to the specific image and we will delete the image as soon as possible! Remember that this small planet has different time-zones…

If there is an image shown here, which should be deleted, we recommend to use the Internet Check via the Google search function. You can upload the image there and see where the image is also presented. In most of the cases the images shown on this site are findings from the world wide web and can be visible to anybody on different websites.

Direct contact for any concerns about the mentioned topics: report@EpicTattooFailure.com

We wish you lots of fun, beautiful tattoos, good and clean studio and one of the best artist you can reach. A wonderful dream and no nightmares…


Your ugly ETF-Team :)

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